This afternoon I voluntarily ended my tenure as Home Theater Review’s Managing Editor and submitted my official letter of resignation to its publisher, Jerry Del Colliano. I wish everyone at Home Theater Review a prosperous future. I am grateful for the memories, opportunities and support that have befallen me these past 10 years and will cherish my time spent with the publication always.

I want to thank the readers of Home Theater Review for their support and enthusiasm for not only my reviews, but for the hobby that is home theater in general. Without you there would be no Home Theater Review or any specialty AV publication. While my departure may be viewed as sudden, please know that I am forever grateful for your support, generosity and candor. I have sincerely appreciated the dialog we have shared on Home Theater Review over the years.

While I will no longer be contributing to Home Theater Review going forward, please know that I will continue writing reviews and providing insight to all who will listen right here on I hope to see you all around and look forward to sharing this new chapter in my personal and professional life with all of you. Thanks again for everything!





Andrew Robinson

  • David Vaughn

    Andrew, sorry to see you go. I enjoy reading your reviews.

  • Andrew Robinson

    David I am not going anywhere. You’ll still be able to read my reviews, only they’ll be hosted here as well as a few other places that will be announced soon enough. If anything the rate in which I review products will increase as will the scope and type of products that I choose to write about. For the first time in a long time, it seems every door is open.

  • hardened_skeptic

    I have switched “business alliances” more than a few times over the course of my career and it has mostly worked out well.

    Sometimes when there is a shift like this the initial emotions cloud the logic of new opportunity. When you can leverage your own successes and former business associates more fully understand the direction that each wants to pursue it can really be a plus.

    I will continue to look forward to your insights.

  • Andrew Robinson

    Thank you for that and thank you for your support. Tell all your home theater friends (hell all your friends) to keep it tuned here for this is where the action is going to be from here on out. I sincerely appreciate your comment!

  • TuckerTues

    Sorry to see it end this way – Keeping the faith

    In Support of @ARobinsonOnline ofIn Support of @ARobinsonOnline “Codifying Codpieces”

  • Jim Holmes

    The timing is right and I look forward to the continuing evolution of your site, onward and upward!

  • Andrew Robinson


    Your article, which I know you didn’t have to write, means the world to me. Thank you. I do what I do because I love this stuff. I love everything about it and while it may not be “important” in the grand scheme of things, it does bring joy to people and all I care about is ensuring that a) the joy carries and b) more people have the opportunity to experience it.

    It hurts when former colleagues claim that I “burnt out” as an excuse for why I left. I promise you and everyone reading this, I didn’t burn out -I’m just getting started. Thank you so very, very much Tucker. Really, thank you.


  • Andrew Robinson

    Thank you so much Jim, I sincerely appreciate it!!!

  • Paul Johnston

    You have been one of the most transparent reviewers in the business. Thank you for NOT sugar coating everything and pandering to the ad clients. Looking forward to seeing more here. All the best to you, Andrew!

  • Andrew Robinson

    Thank you so much Paul! I don’t plan on changing my style anytime soon so I hope to see you round these parts as the reviews will be coming fast and furious real soon!

  • Mark Woodbridge

    Thanks for your reviews over the last few years. I feel like you are one of the few who “gets it” as a consumer who wants nice gear without paying a fortune. And I agree whole-heartedly with your “why did things get so complicated” stance for the industry. I for one will now make your website my first stop for all things home theater related. Best wishes.

  • Andrew Robinson

    Mark, your comment means the world to me. I promise to do my best to not let you and all the other readers down. My goal is to be as open, honest and most of all transparent as possible. Thanks again!

  • Jeffrey Fream

    Thank you for your reviews and effort thus far Andrew. I am currently enjoying 3 Crown XLS 2500 amplifiers powering my home 5.1 Klipsch system. They have to be one of the best deals in the A/V industry. I look forward to your upcoming reviews and wish you success with your new endeavors.

  • Donny Purych

    I will be bookmarking your site and am glad to hear the reviews will be coming fast and furious . I always appreciate you answering my questions and I have never been happier with my home theater then I am now with my tekton speakers .

    Keep up the good work _ chaluga !

  • Andrew Robinson

    Love it my friend. Keep on rockin’ and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Crowns.

  • Andrew Robinson

    WELCOME! Glad to see another familiar face ’round here. Any and all questions you have send ‘em my way, you know where to find me. Take care!

  • Allan Goodridge

    damm Robbie…I was so looking forward to your Krell review..Thanks for turning me on to Outlaw, Krell and Tekton and your many thoughts on streaming, true 4K ect, ect…. see you on your new site.


  • Andrew Robinson

    Who said I wasn’t still getting it? If you like what I’m putting down then keep it tuned here for the reviews are underway and will be posting soon. Don’t believe the rumors for a second. Thanks for stopping by and for showing your support.

  • addressing


    I am new to the club but I enjoyed and appreciated your comments.
    In fact, I was just finished quoting and referring to you on the Home Theatre
    Site when I saw the thread leading here.

    I’ve enjoyed your reviews, and your insight, and you probably
    know that by now. Mark’s comment, above, about you getting it about reasonably
    priced gear and not being too complicated goes for me too.

    Good luck! And I’ll
    certainly be hanging around here too.

    Barry Pearl

  • Allan Goodridge

    That was an assumption on my part. But one that I am happy was or is incorrect. I got eyes on you dwag….laughter.

  • prerich46

    I’m all in!

  • Andrew Robinson


    Thank you so much for your support and for coming aboard. There will be a lot of reviews coming fast and furious, starting with today.

  • Andrew Robinson

    And I’m all in with you. Glad to see yet another friendly face over here. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Thanks again for your support!

  • Snapsc

    Andrew…we have enjoyed your reviews. We have appreciated your efforts to find products that were really good values. We have benefited from your dedication toward expanding the AV and Audio hobby. We have taken stock in your reminders to “listen with our own ears and not just accept everything we read”. And we have bought Tektons and Crowns and other products that you guided us to and will continue to do so.

    We will probably never know “what happened” and why you are now out on your own…but in the end, it doesn’t matter because as long as you continue providing interesting and honest reviews and commentary, we will continue reading and giving our feedback!!

    Best Wishes and Good Luck

  • Andrew Robinson

    Thank you so much for that! Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop any time soon. My first review as an independent reviewer is actually going live today! Stay tuned and thanks again for your support!!!

  • addressing

    By the way, I am “Lefisc” on the other list. i have to figure out how to get that email address here

  • Matthew Anderson

    Thanks Andrew for all you help at HTR and for your insight. I will continue to read your reviews here. I made my decision to buy the Emotiva UMC-200 based partly on your review. Thanks.

  • Andrew Robinson

    Matthew, thank you for your kind words and for the support! I hope to provide you with the same great content I always have and in many ways better content now that I’m independent. Keep it tuned here! Thanks again.