Director of Digital Content at Jade Design


On Monday, May 6th 2013 I was appointed the Director of Digital Content for Jade Design. Jade Design, for those of you who do not know is the parent company of Emotiva, Emotiva Pro and Sherbourn electronics. My role as Jade Design’s Director of Digital Content is simple; to create unique digital content in the form of articles and online videos that aim to inspire creative exploration within the home theater space as well as educate on topics pertaining to the hobby and specific products. This content will be exclusive to Jade Design and will likely feature a variety of their products for illustrative and/or educational purposes.

What my role at Jade Design means for this site going forward is simple; nothing changes -in an ideal world anyway. The people behind Jade Design have not asked me to shut off or cease writing/reviewing via my site -in fact they’ve urged me to do the opposite. However given my association, I know many of you may question my objectivity in certain instances. While I maintain that I have and will continue to be objective, I also understand that receiving certain product(s) for review is a decision that is not entirely left up to me. While I will continue to review anything and everything that is of interest to me, know that certain items may be more difficult for me to procure due to the news of my joining Jade Design. As for my non-review based writings those will continue without any interference; this includes my contributions to Theo’s Roundtable as well.

As for my film endeavors, those too will continue in earnest as I am very much looking forward to getting back to directing in 2013.