I’ve been on my fare share of podcasts as of late, which isn’t entirely new for me however it has been a while since I’ve been a regular guest of sorts. My prior experience with podcasts was relegated, largely, to my good friend, Cindy Freeman’s show, Film Method, of which I was a regular -in the beginning. For reasons unknown to me I went back and listened to some of my earlier interviews and one thing that struck me was what douche I seemed to be at times. One interview, or round table discussion, that stuck out to me was regarding the topic of writing. In that episode I shot down conventional wisdom surrounding the craft of writing and writing seminars and instead offered almost nothing in its place -ultimately going with I just write as a solution. Gee, thanks ass. How is that helpful to anyone?

The truth is at that point in my life and career I did just write. And while I think the intention of what I was trying to communicate -just keep writing -was good the way in which I went about it was silly. If not a little (okay, maybe a lot) arrogant. The interview caught me at a time in my life where I felt it was still important to have an identity that was supposedly unconventional -if not a little rebellious. After all I had just come off self-distributing my first film theatrically, no one was about to tell me how to approach film or filmmaking. But that approach is what stopped me, and us, as individuals from learning. I see it everywhere -even in my specialty AV circles. What’s worse is that in those circles what I or my colleagues write does have some immediate impact or sway over not only the readers but ultimately companies. In other words it’s not to be taken lightly, nor should it be wrapped in one’s own arrogance.

The truth is, since that initial interview some years ago, I’ve made it a point to not only unlearn bad habits but also look into, learn from and potentially adopt new habits -better habits. In other words, I have an open mind. Four years ago I rallied against using cards and boards as a writing tool, citing organic creativity as my rational behind rejecting structure and time tested methodologies. Today, I live by cards and boards when mapping out my stories. I outline all my reviews, something I swore in private circles that I’d never do -and yet I do. More over I’ve stopped pretending that I know everything -at least I hope I have. Instead I’ve opted to remain dumb, for dumb people have room for improvement but more importantly they can be genuinely amazed, impressed, happy and even content. When you know everything it’s hard to feel any of those things, because in order to you have to admit that you didn’t know something, which defeats the purpose. I’m not saying my method or any method is right or wrong, I’m only suggesting that you don’t close yourself off or shoot down anyone else’s idea simply because it’s different from yours. This goes double for my colleagues in the AV space, just because we may have seen or heard it all doesn’t mean we should heap that attitude onto our beloved readers. Audiences in movies don’t like being pandered to and consumers of AV content don’t either. They don’t need us to be infallible, they just want us to be honest -and true honesty is more difficult than you think. It takes work but the reward is great for it opens doors for genuine interaction versus the often close minded drone that permeates the discussions today.

As always I thank you all for reading and I apologize for the lack of updates this past week, things have been hectic with the holidays approaching. I’m working to get back on a regular schedule again and appreciate you hanging around in the mean time. Until next time, take care and stay tuned…


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