Jade Design Appoints Andrew Robinson As Director, Digital Content

A/V Industry Veteran To Focus On Engaging & Educating Home Audio Enthusiasts Through Online Platforms

FRANKLIN, TN, 05/06/2013–Jade Design, LLC,parent company of high performance audio brands including Emotiva, Emotiva Pro and Sherbourn, today announced that it has appointed Andrew Robinson as its Director, Digital Content. Robinson is a veteran CE journalist, having written for Home Theater Review and AudioVideo Revolution as well as his own blog and online forum. In this new position, he will be responsible for creating and producing digital content across all platforms for Jade’s Emotiva Audio Corporation, Emotiva Pro, and Sherbourn brands.

“Andrew is one of the most creative, dynamic talents in home entertainment,” said Dan Laufman, President and Owner of Jade Design, LLC. “His diverse background – as a journalist, filmmaker, and digital entrepreneur – coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the home audio market makes him the ideal candidate. An important part of our business philosophy is to continually enhance communication with our customers while giving them a real nuts-and-bolts education in current home audio trends, and that has as much to do with big-picture topics as it does with our brands.”

Robinson’s duties include developing the voice for each brand’s online presence, producing content across all digital platforms, and managing the online communities, including the Emotiva Lounge, a 12,000-member forum for audio enthusiasts. He will also be responsible for Web site content and digital educational tools.

“What drew me to Jade Design was the opportunity to work one-on-one with a company that is actively changing the landscape of the hobby I love,” explained Andrew Robinson, Jade Design’s new Director, Digital Content. “My job is to contribute to the company’s success, but I’m also here to help foster a community passionate about home audio.”

In addition to his work as a reporter and his popular blog and online forum, Robinson is also an accomplished filmmaker. He has written and directed three feature films, including 2009’s April Showers, as well as produced three documentaries. He will split his time between his Los Angeles, CA studio and Jade Design’s headquarters in Franklin, TN.

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About Jade Design, LLC.

Jade Design,  LLC (www.jadedesign.com) has more than 30 years experience in OEM/ODM electronic system design and development. Decades of cumulative knowledge and skill reside in the staff of engineers, designers, factory, and project management teams. Jade specializes in turn key product manufacturing, sourcing and brand support.

The company invests extensive resources into engineering, development, and quality, the sum of which is reflected in every amplifier, pre-amplifier, processor/controller, audio source, and loudspeaker system bearing theirclient’s name. Jade currently manages and licenses key technologies to three successful consumer electronics brands: Emotiva, Emotiva Pro, and Sherbourn Technologies. For additional information, visit www.jadedesign.com.

  • RonN5

    First, congrats…this sounds like it could be a lot of fun and very interesting. Are you planning to continue to review competitive products…and if so, are you worried that working with Jade will give the appearance of bias?

    I for one am hoping you continue to review…I love my Crown XLS 2000 Drivecore and my Tekton Lores and really appreciate your willingness to give fair coverage to some of the really good, less well known products…that challenge and improve the landscape….much as Emotiva has done.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    Thanks for the well wishes. To your first question; yes, I will continue reviewing competitive products here on this site and possibly abroad. I believe I can be unbiased as I judge every product on its own merits. If it’s good, it’s good. End of story. If anything my involvement with Emotiva means that I have to be that much better at avoiding hyperbole and sticking to the quantifiable facts and/or truths -something that is missing from a lot of reviews nowadays.

    Now, while I may feel my objectivity is not in question, that may not wholly align with how others feel, meaning some products may be more difficult for me to get my hands on than others, but rest assured I will make every effort -just as I always have.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your Crown amps, Lord knows I love mine. The Tekton Lores are equally fantastic in their own right and I’m so very, very happy that your personal home theater quest is turning out to be a fruitful one. I promise to try and keep the journey fun and interesting. Thanks for reading and for all your support!

  • Allan Goodridge

    Congrats Andrew. I thought your announcement would have been, you were going to be joining Audioholics…lol.

    By-the-by Gene over audioholics wrote an excellent explanation of “gain control” and its usage.

    Now if I can just figure out the math. I would be alright….lol.

    Congrats again. And looking forward to catching you on Jade as well.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    Now that the dust has settled and the announcement made; Gene generously offered to bring me on at Audioholics and I was thinking about it as I felt it could be a good fit, but the Jade job sort of took me by surprise. Yes, anyone who claims they “knew” Jade was in the works is lying – I didn’t even know until probably 72 hours before the official announcement. The offer and decision came very fast and furious.

    I really like the team at Audioholics and respect what they do immensely. But for now I’m going to stick with Jade and this site and see where it takes me.

  • Allan Goodridge

    Ron how do you find the Lores. I have read reviews of the M-Lores the Pends. And even the Enzos. But nothing on the Lores.

  • cranksv477 .

    Congratulations Andrew!

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson


  • RonN5

    Alan, There are a lot of reviews of the Lores available for your reading pleasure. Here is a professional review in Positive Feedback…


    and here is a review that I posted..bottom of the page


    Some people prefer loudspeakers that put them in the back of the club or concert, you know, the laid back sound….some prefer loudspeakers that are super revealing but not so dynamic…The Lores put you in the front row of the club or concert…and just like a live performance, the experience is not just sonic…you call “feel the music”…high notes and low…

  • Mike in SC

    Congratulations, Andrew. Terrific that another door opened so soon after the HTR door closed. I really hope you will be able to review competing products.

    I am being realistic, though, and I think your comment about it being more difficult to get your hands on certain types of products will probably be true. That will be a loss for your readers, but nonetheless, this is truly great news for you.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    There are a lot of products and avenues yet to cover. I have a lot of product(s) lined up, so I don’t expect there to be a drought. On top of which I’ll also be diving into some Emotiva gear too, so for those who were hoping to get info on that stuff, well, I guess you’ve come to the right place. Though my write ups on those products will obviously be different than my more traditional reviews.

  • Mike in SC

    To be sure, there are a lot of products outside of the Emotiva / Sherbourn stable of products that can be covered. It just so happens that the two things at the top of my list are speakers and a pre-pro. My top list of candidates compete directly with Emotiva.

    Your reviews are both interesting to read and thorough in my opinion, and if you are unable to continue to review, say Tekton speakers which you have done in the past, or say JTR speakers which you have mentioned elsewhere were on your radar, or any number of other promising products because, well, because, it will be a loss to some degree.

    Having written that, I am spending more time reading your Blog than your reviews and am learning a lot so thank you for all those articles.

  • http://twitter.com/ARobinsonOnline Andrew Robinson

    I’ll be here for a while. Don’t you worry. Thanks for being such an avid reader and supporter!

  • Prerich

    WOW!!!!!!! Congrats Andrew!!!! This is BIG news!!!!