Ethics Statement


I started this site a little over a year ago with no clear focus on just what, exactly, it was to be or become. Having been a professional reviewer for the past 10 or so years, I posted some personal reviews of products that were of interest to me, as well as stories germane to the home theater community/discussion on a whole. Occasionally, I would sprinkle in a story or two about independent film and filmmaking just to see how you, the reader, would react. About halfway into this little experiment of mine I began adding video to the mix, both in the form of reviews as well as via a semi-regular series on YouTube dubbed, The Home Cinema Experience. The thinking behind all of this supposed randomness was to see just what direction the site would ultimately take at the one year mark.

Well, a year has come and gone, and I’m pleased to introduce phase two of

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2013, this site will begin to focus all of its energy on topics directly related to and surrounding the consumer electronics field, specifically home theater. The video series, The Home Cinema Experience will continue full steam ahead as it appears to be a major draw for many of you. The same is true of my product reviews. What will not change is my commitment to keeping things “real” with you all. I will try to steer away from using superlatives that have no real journalistic merit as it relates to a product’s actual performance. Whenever possible I will try and provide you with real-world measurements and/or figures that I feel will translate into your personal ownership experience. I will also “level” with you when my personal proclivities are being spoken to versus when I believe a more universal feature set or value is present. For example; I may personally like a high-priced product for intangible reasons; reasons that are likely relate-able only to me (or a select group). In the same breath I will keep you apprised of more affordable alternatives that may or may not provide similar levels of performance.

While everything I may have just said sounds all well and good, you might be asking yourself how absolute objectivity will be possible a) given the presence of sponsors and b) my professional involvement with the Internet Direct manufacturer Emotiva.

All of the sponsors of this site, present or future, are here because I have invited them to be. This means that I have either been a customer of theirs in the past, or have tested their products to such a degree that if asked, I would have zero hesitation in vouching for them personally. If any of my sponsors were to suddenly shift their focus away from making exceptional products, believe me I’d be the first to call them on it. This is something I’ve made known to my sponsors and believe me they would expect nothing less. Moreover, unlike traditional advertisers on other specialty AV websites, my sponsors are not contributing money monthly in return for x-amount of exposure or what have you. All of my sponsors pay the same flat rate, once a year, regardless of their size or influence in the industry. I do no tracking of click rates for them, nor do I spam your email boxes with dedicated mailings etc. My sponsors and I have an understanding, which is based on mutual respect for each others’ work and nothing more. It’s that simple.

As for my working relationship with Emotiva Audio Corporation where I serve as the company’s Director of Digital Content. This is a new development and opportunity that came about mid 2013. I had received offers from a number of other publications etc., all of which came with unbelievable strings and/or incentives that I felt threatened my overall integrity. When approached by Emotiva, their want for me was to basically continue doing what I’m most passionate about, and that is educating others on the benefits of home theater and two-channel audio. I do this for them in a variety of ways; chief among them is through the creation of educational videos, which will be live soon on their website. These videos, while featuring Emotiva products, utilize information that can be applied to any system or setup, at any budget level. Apart from that I am a regular on the Emotiva Lounge -the company’s forum -as well as attend company functions as a representative of Emotiva. I am not, nor have I ever been, a part of their sales team. I am not incentivized in any way to sell Emotiva products, nor have I been asked by them to promote them in any way.

As for Emotiva products appearing on this site, any and all mentions have been proceeded by a disclaimer, as I have nothing to hide. It is my personal opinion that I can still be objective about other products as well as those made by Emotiva, and that my professional affiliations should not keep you from knowing about a potentially worthwhile product. Moreover, all of the opinions and views expressed here on my site are exactly that, my personal thoughts, opinions and expressions and should be viewed as such.

I do not claim to have all the answers, nor would I ever advise you to simply take my word for it. I’m happy to be a resource and a source of information in your home theater journey, but I urge you not to make me your only source. This is why I will not be ending my reviews with “must buy” recommendations, nor will I continue the practice of awarding awards to products. I will let you know if a product in question is one I’d consider owning or have owned, but I will never tell you that you must follow suit.

With all that being said, I thank you all so much for joining me on this journey and for your continued support.