As many of you know I have become a fan and customer of Eric Alexander’s Tekton Design. My interest in Eric’s speakers began upon reviewing his small floorstanding speaker, the M-Lore, back in the fall of 2011 for Home Theater Review. I went from reviewer to customer in 2012 upon completing my review of Tekton’s flagship speaker, the Pendragon, also for Home Theater Review. Shortly after purchasing the Pendragon review samples I began chatting with Eric about the possibilities of fleshing out the rest of the Pendragon line to include a matching center as well as surround sound speakers. Eric was way ahead of me, however demand had gotten so high for the Pendragon by itself that development for an entire Pendragon line had slowed -slightly. As the months progressed Eric and I continued to discuss a Pendragon-centric theater, but its “due date” was always shrouded in mystery.

The Pendragon Theater System from Tekton Designs. From left to right: Pendragon Center (horizontal), Pendragon Surrounds, Pendragon Towers and Pendragon Subwoofers.

Then early last month I received an email from Eric stating that not only was the Pendragon theater we had discussed a reality, but that he had some images and specs to share with me. I immediately grabbed my phone and dialed Eric up. He emailed me a series of embargoed photos along with a few key specifications, and we began to chat. We discussed the Pendragon Theater’s application(s) as well as its performance benchmarks. At the conclusion of our conversation, Eric informed me that I would be getting the ONLY Pendragon Theater system for review. Anywhere. Period. Flattered, I immediately began to think of ideas and ways to make the Pendragon Theater review as “juicy” as possible for all of you and the numerous Tekton fans out there. Knowing that I would have but one shot at this, I’ve decided to tackle the project in multiple stages; the first being this sort of introductory message. Next, I’ll cover various speakers’ arrival, unpacking and setup -complete with video. Then finally my subjective review, accompanied with some not so subjective measurements -albeit in my listening environment. There’s even a chance that I’ll get Eric himself on camera for some insight into the system’s development and design for all of you to watch and enjoy.

All of this will be hosted exclusively on this site as well as on Tekton’s own website as it becomes available. I do not presently have the remaining Pendragon Theater speakers in my possession as they are being completed and readied for delivery. Eric and I are shooting for things to kick off later this month when I receive a matching Pendragon center, surrounds and subwoofers to compliment my existing Pendragon tower speakers. It should be exciting and very informative as no review, that I’m aware of, will unfold quite like this one.

Stay tuned…


  • Mike L

    With Eric’s shipping timelines, you’ll be lucky to receive the speakers in the next three months, much less three weeks. I (well, my wife as a gift to me) ordered OrielTens the first week of Dec 2012 and have yet to receive anything other than excuses.

  • Andrew Robinson

    I’m sorry to hear of your delays. Eric and his small company are very busy these days. I’m confident any and all delays have to do with orders ahead of you rather than you being specifically ignored. It’s true, there is a wait for many of Eric’s products, however, he hand builds each speaker -big and small -so turn around times aren’t going to be the same as if you were buying something from China. If it makes you feel better, Eric and I were discussing this above review as far back as July of last year. I wouldn’t be too discouraged. Good things come to those who wait. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts.