The other day, while doing more writing on my still untitled drama, I was struck by this overwhelming sense that I had somehow made a mistake. Stranger still was that the mistake I felt I was making had nothing to do with the story in front of me, but instead with a story I had recently put on the shelf -Love in Training. I put LIT (that’s what I call it now) on the shelf following the collapse of yet another production deal surrounding the project. It’s not that the story is bad or somehow flawed (in my humble opinion) it just can’t seem to get over that hump; the part where rubber needs to meet the road.

I believe the film’s downfall, in terms of it not yet being made, has more to do with warring ideas than a poor story. What I mean by that is; there’s the film I want to make, which is more of a quaint, character piece, albeit with animals, and then there is the film the former EPs have wanted, which has more to do with salaries and budget than the story itself. I think because I’ve been dealing with LIT for two years now and have been inundated with cast/sales/budget talks, that I’ve somehow absorbed that mindset when it comes to getting it made. Why LIT and not say the film I’m writing? Who knows. I’ll be honest with you, at one point the budget for LIT was listed and approved at 5 million dollars (NOT my doing), it’s also been locked in at 2 million. Truthfully, when I initially wrote it, I assumed it would be a few hundred thousand dollar movie not unlike April Showers. I take that back, I actually wanted to make LIT for much less than April Showers. Why? Because I’m a control freak, or maybe it’s because I just fear the expectation(s) and bullshit that come with that much money. Not that I don’t believe I can deliver a quality film, I believe that I can, but when you start throwing around the M-word things get really complicated, really fast. So, LIT was tossed on the shelf even though it is a story I love dearly and want desperately to make.

So back to the other day. As I crossed the 60 page threshold of what I assumed was going to be my next micro-budget or self financed project I couldn’t stop thinking about LIT. It got so bad I actually stopped writing and pulled LIT down off the proverbial shelf and gave it a read; it’s first in over 6 months. Wouldn’t you know it, I love that little story. I rarely like what I do for I always see the imperfections and I’m not suggesting LIT is perfect, but it’s a cute story. A story I really want to do still -like as in next. I’m still working on my untitled project for I like that too, but I have begun exploring the possibility of doing LIT on a smaller financial scale. Maybe using a combination of sponsorship funds, a carefully orchestrated crowd source funding campaign, and personal financing would do the trick. I’m still going over a few odds and ends but I think it’s all very, very doable.

I’ll be sure to let you all know my final decision. Until next time, thanks for reading stay tuned…



UPDATE: The romantic comedy, Love In Training, referenced in this post has been put on hold indefinitely. I apologize for the confusion. For more information please read my announcement detailing the change

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