C R O W D   S O U R C E   F U N D I N G   C A M P A I G N


Welcome to the Love In Training contribution page. Love In Training is a unique independent motion picture in that it is being partially funded by good, enthusiastic and supportive people like yourself. But there’s more to the story than merely contributing to a feature film. You see, your contribution will not only help in offsetting some of the film’s fixed costs, a portion of every contribution will go directly to wildlife conservation. That’s right, you get to help make a feature film AND do some good for some of this planet’s most beautiful creatures -not bad. But we’re not through yet. You’ll also receive “rewards” for your contribution, which are laid out below.

One of the African Elephants that will be featured in Love In Training.

Contribution Levels & Rewards

$10.00 – Production’s eternal gratitude and your name listed on the Official Love In Training website (coming soon) plus a$1.00 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Winter 2012)*

$25.00 – Our sincerest thanks, your name on the Official Love In Training website, your name in the film’s credits, a copy of the film (because you’ll want to show your name off to all your friends), exclusive behind the scenes content, a high-resolution download of the film’s official poster, plus a $5.00 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Summer 2013)

$50.00 – All of the above mentioned rewards, a copy of the Love In Training screenplay, a digital photo book of on set and production photography,  as well as a $10.00 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Summer 2013)

$100.00 – All of the above mentioned rewards, a 30-minute (minimum) one-on-one Q&A session with the director over the phone, plus a $20 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Summer 2013)

$250.00 -All of the above mentioned rewards accompanied by a special, one of a kind, 8×10 painting actually painted by one of the elephant stars of Love In Training. Plus a $50 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Fall 2013)

$500.00 -All of the above mentioned rewards as well as an Executive Producer credit on the film and poster, an invite to the film’s world premiere (travel and accommodations NOT included)  and a $100.00 donation to wildlife conservation. (Estimated Delivery: Fall 2013)

$2,500.00(Limit 5) All of the above mentioned rewards, including Executive Producer credit as well as an invite to the premiere, plus an afternoon with the director and many of the animal cast members from Love In Training (travel and accommodations NOT included). Your afternoon will consist of getting to personally meet and interact with the film’s two African Elephants, a up close and personal photo op with an African White Rhino, meeting the big cats, hanging with the pelicans, playing with monkeys and so much more! Space is limited and unfortunately we can only accommodate groups of 5-7 people. Plus, your contribution will include a $250.00 donation to wildlife conservation! (Estimated Delivery: Summer/Fall 2013)

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*The “estimated delivery” date is in reference to when contributors can reasonably expect to receive ALL their rewards. 

One of the magnificent tigers of Project Survival’s Cat Haven.

How Does It Work?

Contributing to Love In Training couldn’t be easier. The transaction itself is done through PayPal. If you are an existing or seasoned PayPal customer the transaction will be practically automatic. For those who have never used PayPal it’s still very simple, but will require a minute of your time.

1. Choose your contribution amount via the drop down menu below. Once you’ve chosen your preferred dollar amount click on the “Pay Now” button.

2. You will be imediately taken to a PayPal payment page where you can either pay via your existing PayPal account, or via credit card (no PayPal signup required).

3. Enter in the requested information and finalize the transaction. 

4. Your card will be immediately charged and you will receive an email confirmation detailing your contribution and the transaction. This email will serve as your receipt. 

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Any and all personal information given to Love In Training will be used for the delivery of your rewards unless otherwise specified by you. That’s it!

Behind the scenes image from the set of April Showers.

How Will My Contribution Help Production?

Making a movie is an expensive endeavor and while we’ve managed to cut costs and stretch every penny without sacrificing the final product, there are still a number of fixed costs that need to be addressed. For example, during filming, production has chosen to cover the costs of the animals’ food and care 100 percent while on “our clock”, which is a large part of how your contribution will be applied. Your contribution will also go towards taking care of the production’s human talent too; in the form of modest pay, food and other miscellaneous costs.

What your money WILL NOT be used for is lining some producer’s pockets or helping to pay for ridicules overhead and expenses normally associated with Hollywood films.

It’s important to note that your contribution DOES NOT grant you, the contributor, an equity or financial stake in the film, nor does it entitle you to any creative or business decision making capability with regards to the film.

Tango, Cat Haven’s cheetah ambassador.

Wildlife Conservation

Along with contributing to the making of a feature film you will also be helping in animal conservation all over the world. One of the organizations Love In Training has teamed up with is Project Survival’s Cat Haven, which is a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of big cats. Cat Haven operates a facility located in Northern California that serves as both their headquarters as well as outreach and education center. To learn more about Project Survival’s Cat Haven please visit their website.


Cast & Crew of April Showers (2008). Become part of the team for Love In Training.

So What’s The Goal and Is There a Deadline Like With Kickstarter?

Because we’ve decided to host the contributions ourselves we will cut this phase of public funding off in late September to early October 2012. As for the “goal”, we hope to raise as much as possible. This effort is not an attempt to raise millions of dollars for the film doesn’t require it, instead we want to raise a minimum of $25,000.00.

We just want you to have the best opportunity to participate in this program if you wish to, but we also don’t want anyone to feel unnecessarily pressured to do so, which is how we felt on Kickstarter.

Guests enjoying a private elephant encounter. You can experience your own private safari with a pledge of $2,500 today.

Okay, I’m Ready To Contribute To Love In Training

Thank you for your generosity and support. Simply use the drop down menu below to choose your contribution amount and click on the “Pay Now” button. From there you will be taken to a PayPal payment page, where you can either pay via your existing PayPal account or via your credit card (no pre-existing PayPal account required). Your credit card will be charged upon completion and your contribution will be put to immediate use in the making of the feature film, Love In Training. You will receive an email receipt outlining your payment information and contribution amount.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.

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