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Story Synopsis

Love In Training is a romantic comedy that follows Michael, an up and coming young professional and Amy, a free spirited animal caretaker. Their paths cross at a benefit for a wild animal sanctuary -a place Amy happens to call home. It doesn’t take long before Michael and Amy fall for one another, though soon they realize it will take more than mere attraction to keep them together. Both have an elephant in the room; Michael with his budding career and Amy with an actual elephant. The duo struggle to make their relationship work and are ultimately faced with a daunting choice; forsake love in order to achieve their life-long goals or leave it all behind for something wilder.

A digital concept painting for Love In Training done in Adobe Photoshop. Copyright 2012, Love In Training LLC,

The Inspiration Behind Love In Training

Following the 2009 theatrical release of my first film, April Showers, which centered around the lives of a handful of students following the aftermath of a school shooting, I was pretty exhausted and without a follow up project due to the downturn in the economy in 2008. Unsure of what to do next, or if I even wanted to continue in Hollywood, I decided to take a break.

I refer to my time away from Hollywood, and the advertising career I held before that, as my own personal ‘walkabout’, for I mainly worked for myself doing random jobs here and there in hopes of finding my ‘spark’ again. One of the places that I found my spark was at a wild animal ranch. I was able to help out on a fairly consistent basis thanks to a special connection that I had with one of people in charge. I helped care for the facility’s various animals -including a pair of African Elephants. My time at the ranch was truly life changing and the relationships forged there, both animal and human, served as the inspiration behind Love In Training.

Giving “Spike” the rhino a refreshing spritz on a hot summer day.

Wild About Animals

Love In Training features close relationships with wild animals, both rescued and those that act as ambassadors for the species. This holds true both on and off the screen. Our friends at Project Survival’s Cat Haven are helping to provide some of the animals for this film. They have an amazing program that helps promote the wellbeing of big cats in their native countries across the globe. Their progress has been nothing short of phenomenal and we support them fully.

Even the amazing elephants that will be featured in the film, have beaten the odds. These two female African Elephants had lived together for over 10 years at a private facility. When the facility closed due to unforeseen circumstances, the elephants had to be relocated. It took an incredible effort by a dedicated staff of professionals at their new home to make sure that the pair would not be separated, and be able to remain best buds for the rest of their very long lives. At the elephants’ current facility their caretakers believe in compassionate training based on long lasting relationships. They are truly loved and treated with the utmost respect.

These animals have changed my life, and they will change yours too. Become part of an adventure that you will never forget.

Cast & Crew

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