Wait what!? That’s what I said upon getting the news that would ultimately force my hand and cause me to have to postpone the filming of Love In Training indefinitely. Just because I fancy myself a director does not mean I’m always in complete control of the world around me (I was shocked too) and due to such circumstances the difficult decision had to be made. I apologize for any confusion and/or sadness this news may cause those of you who have been following this aspect of the journey closely, as it is never my intention to upset anyone. I cannot share specifics other than to say all is well and while the news comes as a blow it has not deterred me or my desire to make a feature length film and share it with all of you.

Which brings me to my second announcement. Every filmmaker, indie or not, knows (or should know) the value of being flexible when the going gets a little rough. This is precisely why, alongside Love In Training, I was quietly developing another story, one that was originally going to come after LIT but that is now going to slide into its place. The film’s working title (temporary) is Mirage and it, like Love In Training, is a relationship story that falls within the comedy and drama genres. While not as much a romantic comedy as Love In Training was fixin’ to be, it (Mirage) should still appeal to the same audience -young and grown adults, both men and women. The script is being worked on, which will allow me to share the writing process with all of you, something I wasn’t able to do with Love In Training as the script was finished long before I began working on this site. I’m excited by this added level of discourse as the writing process, for me, is among the most exciting aspects of making a feature film.  I’m also excited to announce that the timeline for production, post production and the film’s eventual release will not have to change too dramatically as it was my intention to film Love In Training in the Spring of 2013, which is when Mirage will be ready to film -so our journey remains on course.

As you can see the Love In Training page(s) have been removed from this site’s main navigation though existing posts dealing with the film will remain live on the site but with a disclaimer. I will not be re-introducing a crowd funding campaign for Mirage as it will not be necessary going forward. I’ve spoken with the Love In Training contributors, and as of this writing, all remain committed to which ever project that I choose to do and as a result will maintain their “status” with Mirage as they would have enjoyed had Love In Training continued forward. Also, as of this writing, the sponsors remain committed to this process as well, with more joining the process in the coming weeks.

So there you have it. My apologies again for the sudden and potentially sad news but hopefully we can all move past it and continue the journey and conversation forward as there is now even more to share and discuss. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to leave them below and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. I thank you all so much for your continued support and wish those of you who may have been directly, or indirectly, affected by Hurricane Sandy this past week a speedy recovery.

Until next time, take care everyone and stay tuned…