An introduction to filmmaking and technology? Sounds like a survey course taken at a local community college, in other words it sounds boring, but I urge you not to dismiss it for I feel it’s important, especially for those wanting to learn and get the most out of the discussion that will transpire over the [...]

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These past few weeks I’ve been so focused on fundraising and the like that I feel a little bit like a broken record -by the way if you haven’t contributed to Love In Training -ahh, see what I mean. Well, for the next however long it takes me to write this and you to read [...]

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 April Showers (2009)

Genre: Drama
Studio: WarnerVOD
Written/Directed by: Andrew Robinson
Produced by: Jenna Edwards, April Wade
Starring: Kelly Blatz, Daryl Sabara, Janel Parrish, Ellen Woglom, Illeana Douglas and Tom Arnold