Introduction What began as an experiment with professional amplifiers has turned into a bit of a passion for me -that is a passion for all things pro audio video. I’ve been in the specialty AV space for a decade now and in that time I’ve been privy to a number of so-called “truths,” among them [...]

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Introduction EMP Tek, a subsidiary of Utah based loudspeaker manufacturer RBH, is an Internet direct company specializing in the manufacturing of affordable loudspeakers and home theater goods. While I have followed RBH’s progress for some time, EMP Tek is (largely) new to me, and I’m willing to bet they’re new to a lot of folks [...]

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 April Showers (2009)

Genre: Drama
Studio: WarnerVOD
Written/Directed by: Andrew Robinson
Produced by: Jenna Edwards, April Wade
Starring: Kelly Blatz, Daryl Sabara, Janel Parrish, Ellen Woglom, Illeana Douglas and Tom Arnold