In this episode I go over some of the basics associated with subwoofers including; types, placement and setup. Also included are a few tips aimed at extracting the most performance from your subwoofer quickly and easily. Enjoy!


  • Darryl Miller

    Can’t wait for number 9. Thanks

  • Andrew Robinson

    I’m thinking episode 9 is going to be either on amplifiers or pre-amplifiers, AV of course. What do you think?

  • Hays P

    Another good one. Topic9 both or either one would be good.

  • Ravi

    Andrew, need your advice.
    I have Aperion Audio Verus Grand Bookshelves. Can I get Episode ES-SUB-12 Subwoofer to suit my needs. My room size is 17×12 feet.

  • Ravi

    Also I primary listen to music than watching movies.

  • Andrew Robinson

    The Episode sub should do nicely. It’s a good piece and a great value.

  • RevH

    Thanks Andrew,

    I have the B&W sub principally for pipe organ music. Really didn’t have a clue I only knew I wanted to hear those 16ft stops. So now after watching I’ll get into the menu and start messing around- who knows maybe I’ll pick up an SPL metre.

  • Andrew Robinson

    You really should. The subwoofer is arguably the most important and yet most underrated loudspeaker in any setup. Don’t just put it in a corner and be done, show it the same attention you do the rest of your system and I promise you it will surprise in ways that are difficult to describe. Thanks for watching!

  • Ravi


    Episode SUB 12 (or even 10) or Aperion Audio Bravus II 10 D ???
    Please suggest for my Aperion Verus Grand Bookshelves.

    thanks again,

    - Ravi

  • Andrew Robinson

    Episode 12 in this instance. SVS SB-13 Ultra is another good choice too. But I’d probably go Episode 12 over Bravus. It’s just that little bit better, in my humble opinion of course.