In this episode I cover the basics surrounding power amplifiers. We cover the different types of amplifiers available today as well as which one or ones are best for your loudspeakers and setup. Also, I answer the question; is there such a thing as too much power? Enjoy!

  • Steve

    Someone suggested I read your review on the Crown HLS 1000 amp but can find it no where. I am adding two additional Aerial Acoustic SLR3s to my current home theater consisting of a 2 channel Aragon and 3 channel Aragon amps running a pair of Aerial Acoustic 10ts and AA 5s and a Rotel Processor. Thus, I need 2 more channels of amplification. My installer suggested a used Classe CAV180 for 2k but that seems like a lot of $ for a very old 5 channel amp even if it is in excellent condition. Thus, the suggested Crown amp. Would greatly appreciate your help and suggestions. My email address is: steve-sharksdelight@cox,net Much thanks

  • Andrew Robinson

    My review of the Crown XLS Series of amplifiers can be found here Enjoy!