While the rumor mill churning around HDMI 2.0 has been anything but static, the HDMI Licensing group have finally stepped in and put an end to months of speculation re: the new HDMI standard. The good news? Less is changing than many of us, myself included, originally thought. What I mean by this is the HDMI connector we’ve all come to know and loathe will remain, with zero changes. Better still, those of you with Category 2 speed rated HDMI cables are in luck for it seems, according to the HDMI brass, that your cables are compatible with the new spec.

And what is that spec exactly?

For starters HDMI 2.0 will boast a “significant increase in bandwidth, up to 18Gbps” which is enough to support resolutions up to 4K (3,840 x 2,160) at 50 and even 60 frames per second. The new spec will also have room for 32 channels of audio as well as added CEC functionality. More details are sure to follow, but at first blush this appears to all be very good news, potentially even more so for early adopters -though first gen 4K displays are likely going to require some form of outboard processing or adaptation to be made compatible. Still, the early rumors that a whole new connector was going to have to be adopted, not to mention hardware and/or image decoding appear to have been unfounded.

As the story develops, I’ll be sure to weigh in with my personal thoughts, but in the mean time, thus far, it appears the powers that be might be on the right path for easier, widespread 4K adoption.

As always I thank you so much for reading. Until next time, take care and stay tuned…


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  • Eli

    I was actually hoping for 3D at 60fps as well as support for 48khz 3D.

    Not all has beed said yet, and hopefully it all is over the table or soon to be included in a future revision. Now 32ch audio? Looks like Dolby Atmos or DTS MDS is coming sooner than we thought?.. Yay!!

  • AndrewRobinsonOnline

    While I’m not one to care too much about 3D-anything, I don’t think they’d ignore or abandon it. More details are sure to come.

    As for the 32-channels of audio, you and I are thinking the same thing…However, I must caution those who would otherwise jump up and down at the idea of Atmos or the like by saying this, do you or we need it? Think about it.

  • KOF

    Of course we do! Object based HRTF was something that we used to have that was awesome! What we have now is a step backward for the videogames scene and I am really hoping Dolby Atmos is going to correct it. And it doesn’t hurt that headphone owners will finally get to hear movies in full HRTF glory. (I have been trying it for games for more than a decade. Current Dolby True HD/DTS MA just don’t compare.)