Since posting a video of my theater last week many of you have inquired about the Media Center program that can be seen running in the video. The program in question is called Zappiti and it is a free download that you can grab (legally) off the Internet. Zappiti is an easy to use and powerful media scraping and organizational tool that I use in conjunction with my trusty Dune-HD Max player. Since so many of you inquired, I thought I’d put out a little video showing just how easy Zappiti was to use and how to set it up on your own computer should you want to give it a go.

Before I go any further, understand that I do not condone nor want you to copy and/or steal copy protected media. The files seen in the video are “dummy” files, meaning they’re not attached to any content but rather exist for purely illustrative purposes. Yes, Zappiti CAN organize and scrape metadata for ripped content but this video does not a) condone that practice or b) show you how to do it (rip content). The purpose of the video below is to showcase how easy Zappiti is to setup and use. What you do with the info going forward is entirely up to you.

Another quick note before we get to the video. My video assumes that you already know how to properly setup a folder structure for media content. My content is stored on a Network Attached Storage device or NAS and is broken down into folders; Movies, Music and Television. These folders reside inside a master Media folder. Within each individual folder, for example Movies, each piece of content should be given its own folder with the appropriate name. For example, if we had the rights to copy a film with the title of say Killer Bumble Bees from Outer Space, then within our Movies folder we would create a new folder with the name Killer Bumble Bees from Outer Space. Within that folder we would then place our (legally) ripped copy of the content, making sure that it too had the name Killer Bumble Bees from Outer Space.(whatever file format you prefer). That’s it. Once your files are setup in that way, Zappiti can handle the rest. Remember, you should only use Zappiti for legally acquired content or non copyrighted material.

Enjoy the video!

  • SrinivaS

    Nice Disclaimer :) . Well, you don’t want to get dragged to the courts like Kaleidescape, do you?