These past few weeks I’ve been so focused on fundraising and the like that I feel a little bit like a broken record -by the way if you haven’t contributed to Love In Training -ahh, see what I mean. Well, for the next however long it takes me to write this and you to read it I promise I won’t mention fund-you-know-what.

As some of you may know by now, outside of my cinematic adventures, I am the Managing Editor of the specialty AV publication Home Theater Review. I’ve been a member of the audio video press for over 10 years now and in that time I’ve grown to appreciate just how far technology has come -specifically, consumer technology. In less than 10 years we’ve gone from DVD to Blu-ray and now stand on the precipice of 4K in the home. Movies have gone from the big screen of a theater to the big screens of our smart phones. Video game consoles have turned into media hubs as more and more viewers login as opposed to going out on a Friday night. And yet, few know why. Few understand what goes into making our favorite content so enjoyable, and so accessible; not because they lack the capacity to understand but because Hollywood is a magic box. Content is magically created and spit out for our enjoyment. This has always troubled me for a lot of what I discuss in the AV press has to do with assumption; an assumption that the reader (or enthusiast) understands why they’re being told to view, listen or enjoy their content in a certain way.

The truth is few people outside of diehard enthusiasts know anything about improving their cinematic experience (even those who do are often grossly misinformed), let alone the knowledge of what makes a product good or bad. For many it boils down to price and convenience, both of which are important, but do not always yield the maximum performance one could extract from their favorite films. I’m not suggesting that you all go out and buy multi-thousand dollar systems or to follow what it is I have to say blindly. Instead I simply wish to invite you along on the journey, as I, with the help of a talented group of individuals, attempt to make the film Love In Training using methods, tools and products you, yourself, can get your hands on.

Make no mistake, Love In Training is a professional endeavor, one who’s quality will stand up to a theatrical exhibition -an exhibition it’s already secured should we…you know. I see the making of Love In Training as a story in and of itself, one that has the potential to entertain as well as educate. It is my goal to help those reading this obtain a deeper appreciation for not only filmmaking but for the talented men and women who help design and manufacture the tools we filmmakers use in creating our content. Think of it as free film school from start to finish, but instead of focusing 100 percent on theory we’ll cover the tools too. For those who may just be looking for a few tips and recommendations on what to look for in a new display, set of speakers or what have you, there will be that too, only unlike a normal review you will have context -the context being Love In Training.

If what I’m proposing still seems a little difficult to wrap your head around it’s okay for it’s a lot of information to process in mere 600 words. But over the course of the next year or two you’ll become more and more familiar with what I’m on about. You’ll even have the unique opportunity to hear from the talented men and women behind Love In Training as well as those responsible for making the very tools we use. Who knows, you may even be rewarded for following along -hint, hint. Any way you slice it, it should be fun. I know it’s something I’ve been mulling around and wanting to do since April Showers.

Until next time, thanks for reading and stay tuned…